Dos and don´ts

Things to do and not to do:

  • Keep eye contact, but not more than 4 seconds at a time
  • If you take the bus, you need to cough or pretend to clear your throat and grab your backpack or whatever you have to show that you are going off.
  • Never sit beside someone unless the bus is completely full.
  • When greeting someone, give them a firm handshake.
  • If you are eating at someone else´s home make sure you eat all the food on your plate.

Media Coverage

Looking at the three news sites I cannot find anything that is covered by all three of them, but I did find a story covered by Al-Jazeera and The Guardian.

It is about the Dhaka fire/Dhaka skyscraper. A fire broke out in a skyscraper in Bangladesh, at least 5 people have been confirmed dead and many others are treated at hospitals. People are still trapped inside the building and many have jumped from the skyscraper hoping to survive.


The Guardian seem to focus on political issues and worldwide happenings, such as punishing gay sex by stoning, racism and scenarios about robots and other tech. They also seem very interested in the ongoing Brexit deal as of right now.


Los Angeles Times focuses a lot on ´less important news´, such as “Are Arabs and Iranians White?” and a policeman getting fired for going into a strangers house. But their first and most noticeable post is about Trump ending the HIV epidemic but San Francisco could get there first. Which is more important, however still a bit weak.


Al-Jazeera prefers the big news. Like the Dhaka fire, Trump telling Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela and Bosnians deported from Croatia for refusing to spy on Muslims. In my opinion Al-Jazeera has the most interesting news, they also focus a bit on Trump who is a very interesting person.


The Guardian on Facebook covers the exact same as in their home site. They still really enjoy the Brexit deal and seem to mostly cover the same issues over again.


Al-Jazeera on Facebook however posts about different topics than their home site. Here they focus more on gun massacres, the desert rose museum and people defending their land. They probably post different things on Facebook, because they do not want to feed their readers with the same information. They know the people who follow them on Facebook checks their home site as well.


CNN on Facebook focuses on different things just like Al-Jazeera, but even though the information is different they still write about the same people. CNN definitely likes political issues, and especially on their Facebook page they post a lot on president Trump. I feel CNN knows their audience, they know what the readers want. They do not post the same, instead they ´abuse´ the same source again to give out as much information as they can.



Media Literacy

What does media literacy mean?

Media literacy is the ability to analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. Reading, writing and understanding the proper language.

It is important to be media literate. Reading a well written english book can be very difficult for some people. You will probably be able to understand what is going on and have an understanding of what is being said but cannot decode the full meaning.

Being media literate is also important for the people who make videos, commercials and magazines. Knowing how to reach out to the proper audience. Also the people who take all this in need media literacy. Being able to identify different types of media and understand the messages they are sending.


Working in school to improve our media literacy is a brilliant idea. We should all know how to properly decode the mysterious media. Almost everyone uses the media on a daily basis and know how to read, talk and write english. However I think we all could learn it better. Sure, many people are sickly good at these things but even the best can get better. And I feel many Norwegians lack exceptional english abilities, even the bloggers, YouTubers and streamers can step their game up. Many of them have poor media literacy.





3. The scene where the female journalist asks one of the priests about the molesting of children, the priest is very open about it and he does not deny any of it.  It made me think that because the church is so powerful the priest can just openly say whatever he wants. Even the journalist was baffled when he just answered the questions as if he had done nothing wrong.


4. The part when the protagonist pays the guy to get the book/papers and proceeds to run to the Boston globe to inform his colleagues, the music especially is wonderful. I could feel the hope when the music started playing



Comparing My son the fanatic and Free for all

Both stories are similar and different in their own way.

They both have the same kind of relationship where the father is angry at their child for being disobedient, at least in the father´s minds.

The boy in free for all plays the guitar, but the father cannot withstand his consistent playing, he tells him to stop but the boy won´t so the father decides to smack him, because where they come from it is completely normal to do so. From here on is where the father-son relationship really begins to change.

In My son the fanatic, the father becomes suspicious of his son. The boy refuses to listen to his father much like Free for all, he does not want to do whatever his father had planned for him. The boy is as the title says a fanatic. He is really into religion. The father ends up beating him as well.

Trevor Noah and Hasan

It can be hard moving to a different country. Both Trevor and Hasan use experiences in their own lives to illustrate how it is to live as an immigrant in the USA. Using real life experiences makes it easier to use examples when talking about this topic. Especially in a comedic manner.

Trevor Noah, the N word.

I do not think absolutely every immigrant has experienced and can relate to real racism. Where they have been called the N word or something worse. But I feel like everyone has experienced something they feel is racist, something that was misinterpreted. Like for example bullying, where some people take things more seriously than others and maybe they have had a bad experience before and therefore feel hit.

Eddie and Langston

They are both referring to an incident that happened. Two black men shot by a trigger happy policeman.


They both try to show their love to each other, worrying this could happen to them as well, and that they could not live without their family.


This has for a very long time been something that people say. Black people always get pulled over, and that the police beat up black men because they just look suspicious. Black people use this as an excuse when they get pulled over for example. «Just because   I am black.» I think some people overreact, but also they have a reason to. Because these things do indeed happen. The unity works fine in my opinion, even though some bad things happen every now and then.