Comparing My son the fanatic and Free for all

Both stories are similar and different in their own way.

They both have the same kind of relationship where the father is angry at their child for being disobedient, at least in the father´s minds.

The boy in free for all plays the guitar, but the father cannot withstand his consistent playing, he tells him to stop but the boy won´t so the father decides to smack him, because where they come from it is completely normal to do so. From here on is where the father-son relationship really begins to change.

In My son the fanatic, the father becomes suspicious of his son. The boy refuses to listen to his father much like Free for all, he does not want to do whatever his father had planned for him. The boy is as the title says a fanatic. He is really into religion. The father ends up beating him as well.


Trevor Noah and Hasan

It can be hard moving to a different country. Both Trevor and Hasan use experiences in their own lives to illustrate how it is to live as an immigrant in the USA. Using real life experiences makes it easier to use examples when talking about this topic. Especially in a comedic manner.

Trevor Noah, the N word.

I do not think absolutely every immigrant has experienced and can relate to real racism. Where they have been called the N word or something worse. But I feel like everyone has experienced something they feel is racist, something that was misinterpreted. Like for example bullying, where some people take things more seriously than others and maybe they have had a bad experience before and therefore feel hit.

Eddie and Langston

They are both referring to an incident that happened. Two black men shot by a trigger happy policeman.


They both try to show their love to each other, worrying this could happen to them as well, and that they could not live without their family.


This has for a very long time been something that people say. Black people always get pulled over, and that the police beat up black men because they just look suspicious. Black people use this as an excuse when they get pulled over for example. «Just because   I am black.» I think some people overreact, but also they have a reason to. Because these things do indeed happen. The unity works fine in my opinion, even though some bad things happen every now and then.

The kite runner 1-6

1 Baba wants to buy some fresh food, but the seller asks Baba for an ID and he gets really mad and takes it personally.  Baba is also having a hard time settling in, considering he lived his whole life in another country with a different culture. This is probably the case with most people when trying to settle in a new country. You meet so many rules and norms you have not seen before. Like if I were to move to China, I would easily forget handshaking is rude and bowing is essential, also eye contact is frowned upon in some places. It is hard to adapt to the changes you have never come across.


2 There is always a way to forget the past and make up for your mistakes. I think if you really are friends you can reconcile. And I truly believe this is important, for when you have found your best friend, soul friend even. Doing something stupid may make you hate him, but if you really are good friends you can forget what happened easily and find a way to forgive.


3 Cheating is also considered stealing, since you are stealing a person almost. There are exceptions to this rule, I agree stealing can be put together with other sins. But beating someone up is also a sin. If you kill him sure, you steal a life but if you beat him up, what exactly do you steal? You can always speak your way around this if you are arguing. Like if you beat someone up you steal their right to look and feel good, but it is not really considered theft.


4 Assef did a really really terrible thing to Hassan. By raping someone you steal their virginity, steal their life even. Some say raping is worse than killing, and in some sense that is true. Raping can destroy a life completely, and people change entirely after such an encounter.


5 I might be wrong, but Assef kind of reminds me of Adolf Hitler. Assef wants to only have pashtuns in Afghanistan, not those «Flat-nose», people. So in a way Assef is Hitler and wants to get rid of the jews completely, because they dirty their religion, their country.


6 Baba cares mostly for himself and his son Amir. Which is why he treats the others like strangers almost. I personally mean family is family, and friends are friends. You cannot pick whoever you want and get rid of the others. Just because your other brother is stupid or handicapped, does not mean you can just throw him under the bus to make your life easier for you.

The Kite Runner – Baba

Baba is the father of Amir, the protagonist. He is a rich successful man yet also strict and careless. He seems like a disciplined good guy with no bad intentions. However I believe he is and always will be mad at Amir for what happened to his wife. Which is why he never has time for Amir. Whenever Amir wants to do something, Baba just ignores him. Like one time Amir asked to join him and his friends, Baba simply replied. “Go on now, this is grown-ups´ time.” And this was not a one-time exception, he usually says it is grown-ups´ time.

When they were skipping stones, he did not care much for Amir. He instead padded Hassan on the back and put his arm around his shoulder. Again this shows in my opinion that Baba blames Amir for the death of his wife. Both Baba and Amir goes out to eat, and whatever Amir says to him he does not pay attention, even when he said he had cancer as a cry for attention.

Despite all the negative things we find about Baba, he has had a tough time and I believe further in the book, we will find good heroic things about him.

Goal 3 Good health and well-being

To solve goal 3, I believe the most important thing to do is lowering the drug costs. There are some deceases with no current cure. But there are also deceases which people die to that have been discovered and can be cured, however they are way too expensive for a normal person to buy. So even though a lifesaving medicine is right in front of their nose, they cannot get their hands on it which results to them dying.

Cancer is a mass murderer, whoever gets cancer is likely doomed. It is in my opinion the worst current existing disease, at least in Norway and other countries who have exterminated other diseases like Ebola, the black death and such. Not everyone dies to cancer, but even though you live it ruins your health and well-being.

Johnson and Johnson´s cancer drug is an example of expensive drugs. They have found a better cure for cancer, with little to no side effects. However the price is sky high, so it might as well not exist to those who are in need.

There are organizations that try to help people with cancer. I sometimes see both on the internet and in real life, people doing something asking you to donate, and when I do it is most of the time related to cancer. If there is one thing I would like to exterminate it is definitely cancer, I do have my reasons.

I too have donated to fight cancer, not too much but a little, and I believe in doing so I helped at least someone. I also believe the way to solve goal 3, is to donate money and lowering the drug costs. Not only does donating money help the people in need, but you as a person can feel good about yourself, and when the disease gets cured, or something related you can say you helped.




Hunger crisis in Venezuela

The people living in Venezuela are going hungry because they cannot afford buying food. Now people have to live on rations, and instead of selling small packages in the store, the Maduro regime has been using the military and its supporters to distribute them. The reason why people are starving is because of the president Nicolás Maduro. He is making people starve because of shortages on food, and he is calling it “The Maduro Diet”.

Every day some five thousand children, women and men from Venezuela are fleeing to nearby countries to seek safety from violence, insecurity, lack of food and medicine and increasing poverty. This starvation problem may lead to Venezuela becoming unpopulated. People may not stick around if this continues.

Maduro is the main problem to this crisis, and there was an election for a new president. But Maduro promised loads of food to the people who voted for him, and he won with 50.62% of the votes, because half the people were too afraid for their family to vote on a different president.

Organizations like UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency), are working to make a change, giving the people in need shelter, food, and safety.

To solve this problem the whole government should be swapped out. They do not want to clean up the mess that they have started, and they show no interest in making a change.

They should make living affordable. These hard working Venezuelans cannot afford to buy anything they need. They should set up a system to make sure that food, medicine, and other essentials are available at affordable prices.